WallZilla is a wallpaper management application. If you want your background images to change periodically, so you never get tired of staring at your desktop, give it a go.

This simple little application is really easy to set up. Once installed and running, just hit File, and add any pictures you would like to use as wallpaper. Then on the Main screen, you can set how often you want the wallpaper to change, in which order you want your wallpapers to rotate and best of all, whether you want WallZilla to start with windows.

If WallZilla is set to run on start-up. then you only need open the application when you want to add images, which makes it nice and unobtrusive. A small icon sits in your system tray, but otherwise you wouldn't notice it.

WallZilla functions very well, so it's a shame that the program itself is pretty ugly! Despite that, it's clear how to use it, and as it runs from the system tray when minimized, you don't need to look at it!

WallZilla is a tidy little wallpaper manager that helps to keep your Windows desktop looking fresh.



WallZilla 1.1

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